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Studies show that psychotherapy is at least as effective as medication in the treatment of depression, and the most effective treatment for many people is a combination of both.


Depression is a common condition that can be caused by a number of factors, from traumatic events to often involving a combination of biological and socio-emotional factors. It can create feelings like loneliness, fear, guilt, and worthlessness.


Psychotherapy helps people understand their beliefs, feelings, and thoughts that contribute to their depression. It helps people identify the problems that trigger their depression or contribute to its continuation. 

Sadly, many people struggle with the condition on their own, for even years, before getting professional help. Getting an early treatment of depression is highly recommended; according to experts, depression is accompanied by inflammation that can contribute to neurodegeneration, accelerating pathological changes in the brain. 


Depression can be effectively treated, but only you can take the first step and get the right support you need. 

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